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Classified ads are the best way to market your business through catchy texts and images and attract local customers. Many people sell their products, unwanted goods and provide various services through classified advertisements. A lot of companies and business corporations hire new staff by posting a classified ad on a website. 

This is a perfect blend of creativity and art to make your product or business sound valuable and profitable. You make use of a few words, crafted with elegance and positivity to bring the people toward your advertisement. Classified advertisements are brief but carry images as well in order to support your text and catch the eye of the reader or prospect customer.

But why should one use classified advertisements?

Perhaps, the best advantage of classified ads is that it is highly inexpensive. The payment of the classified advertisement mainly depends on the number of words used in the ad. This gives you a great opportunity to run the advertisement for a good period of time regularly, so you gain a stable reputation among the masses and make your name familiar.

For low cost testing, classifieds are the perfect choice. Also, if you are trying out a new concept, classifieds are ideal. Some authors, while trying out new titles, make a list of different titles and run them on classified ads. The ones that attract the most customers, is the one they choose in the end.

Furthermore, Classified advertisements are also fantastic to create leads. They invite the customer or reader to contact them immediately through the offers. You can invite them to contact you through emails, mails or phone and instantly start a follow-up call or mail-chat once the contact is made. Most of the people generate leads by offering something for free like a discount, brochure, booklet, CD or catalog.

Although, you may come across some people who would claim that advertisement posting seldom works for them. There are quite a few reasons behind this failure and you need to step back and consider them in order to make this work. Most of the time, people fail to describe their service, business or product accurately which ruins the chance of its publicity. Some people do not mention the value of the product: how is it or could it benefit the customer? Does it save time or money or helps educate the person in a tangible way? Another way to get audience and customers is to make good use of formidable keywords to strengthen the SEO ranking of your classified ad.

Choosing the perfect forum for the advertisement is something to be taken care of to. You can post these ads on various websites who have millions of daily visitors. One of such websites which is gradually gaining ground in the field of classified advertisement publishing is 4elife Classifieds. It offers a variety of locations and directories for you to choose from like property and real estate classifieds, business and other services, vehicle and auto classifieds and job and career classifieds. Post your advertisements within your region or zone, to make it easier to find local customers instead of posting it on a huge scale.

And whats best is you can Post Your Ads For Free Online at 4elife Classifieds.


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One of the hottest debate topics in the field of marketing strategies is whether classified advertisements still work or not. Many people claim they have benefited them amazingly and sold their products and services by a huge number as compared to large advertisements. But you will find some people who are still doubtful if the customers were happy and if it was advantageous.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are thinking about the benefits and results of classified ads.

To gain a huge audience and to attract innumerable customers, you have to design the perfect advertisement making use of your creativity and imagination. Many people make the mistake of not thinking like a marketer when posting a classified advertisement. The wording of the advertisement counts a lot. As classified ads are very brief and precise, you have to make sure your ad elicits the positive points and features in the shortest possible way. Also, the most major and outstanding values of your products or service should be highlighted: don’t forget to mention the discounts, free benefits or the salient saving options the customers can enjoy if they choose it. Also mention if the service or business helps the reader in saving their time.

Secondly, another essential thing is to accurately explain the business or your personal goods in the classified ad. A shady and non-forthcoming introduction will not do well to attract the reader. The advertisement you design acts like a salesman for your product. Always keep this is mind. Think like a customer and imagine that they are witnessing the product with their own eyes. Be honest and discuss the physical drawbacks with subtlety.

You should also choose the best forum for posting your advertisement. Classified advertisements are available in various newspapers and online formats. But there is a disadvantage if you choose the printed form of classified advertisement to market your product or business: they do not allow publishing of images. This makes it difficult for the reader to envisage and visualize the words in a sufficient way.

Therefore, the online websites work wonders here. They are highly inexpensive and most of them are free of cost. They also allow the advertiser to add images along with the text. Some people prefer to advertise through customized banners and flashes as well. There are numerous websites where you can post your classified ad. Some websites have a vast viewership and attracts millions of prospective readers from around the world. But you should never underestimate the power of budding advertising websites either. They might lack in the viewership for now but some of these sites have amazing SEO rankings. Of course, it takes some time to gain ground and readers. These websites might be the best choice for you.

One such new website is 4eLife Classifieds. The site offers you a variety of different categories to post your advertisement in; like jobs, property, products and services and more. 4elife also has a wonderful strategy to gain audience by allowing you to publish your ad in your local zones. This will gather people living nearby instead of making your listing public for the entire world and losing its strength and use. Oh and did I mention that at 4eLife Classifieds you can Post Your Ads For Free.


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Have you ever developed a good working momentum? You are full of inspiration and clear thinking. Your ideas gel and flow easily into your writing? You are in tune with your personal vision.

 I think we all have those periods. When you are in the zone, everything just comes together and it's easy to think that it will continue forever. But, of course, it doesn't.

Something happens to break the focus. Maybe it's a good thing like a family vacation. Maybe it's a business trip. Maybe you get sick or are distracted by a family problem. Whatever it may be it's inevitable. Suddenly the ideas stop flowing. Thoughts that seemed so clear when you sat down to write become fuzzy and unconnected. Your usual sources of inspiration don't generate ideas and you find yourself staring at a blank page, stuck for someplace to start.

When this happens, it's easy to throw up your hands in frustration while denying any responsibility for being blocked. We all do it. Writers block is accepted - like the common cold - as something beyond our control. It's an honorable excuse that places no blame on the person but that reasoning just won't stand up to scrutiny. How can anyone believe that a creative, productive person can suddenly stop functioning for no reason? The ability is still there. The sources of inspiration have not stopped.

What has stopped is the creative packaging of experience and observation and that is a process residing in you.

We like to think that as rational beings, we control our thought processes and we do. It's just that some of those processes are conscious and others are unconscious. When someone experiences writers block, it's because some part of the brain has put limits on that process. The writer that sits down to compose an essay is using his conscious mind to manage the creative processes. If he is blocked it's because the unconscious mind is interfering to prevent it from happening.

So what can a blocked writer do?

If writer's block is self-generated, that suggests that the solution is within the control of the writer. That is not how it seems when you sit down and can't write. Logic, however, insists that you have to be the cause of the block. Nothing else has changed. The physical environment is the same. The stimuli are the same, but somehow they fail to get the mind working to generate the ideas and produce the output. What is different is the way your mind is responding to these stimuli. Something is preventing the flow of ideas and the creative connection of the ideas to produce, organize and communicate insights.

But what creates the barrier and where does it come from?

I believe that writer's block happens when something has undermined the vision of the individual. A fully functioning, productive individual has a clear vision of their purpose, a confidence in their capabilities and a program to follow. This is a complicated process and easy to disrupt. Only the most focused and organized individuals are able to operate for long periods in this mode. Most of us slip in and out of focus and alignment. But when we do pull it off, we find that everything is working for us. These are the times when we write effortlessly and effectively.

When out of focus, one of the symptoms is writers block.

Effective and productive individuals have a strong mission, a high level of confidence and unrelenting commitment. Normal people don't have those things. They want to fit in and be in tune with society. They want to be told what to believe and how to act. This is what we hear on the radio, watch on TV and read in the papers. It is what we pick up at work or from our neighbors.

If we let those messages influence our thinking we lose focus and our vision.

Without that vision we can't focus our thoughts. Our thinking suffers and our mind goes blank. We have nothing to say because we are waiting for direction from the outside.

So what can you do to break out of a writers block?

My experience suggests that connecting with people who share your vision and direction can help you restore your own vision. If you can't get together in person then certainly you can absorb their thoughts by checking their blogs or reading their books. Use those people as resources to support your vision, reinforce your direction and build your confidence in the belief that you are the person you want to be and that you do have something important to say. Using these people as support while you rebuild your own confidence is the best way I have found to get my creative juices flowing again.

I also believe that this is a kind of trick you play on yourself in order to shift focus clearly awy from your own vision... take in some new fresh information that eventually leads to you returning full of enthusiasm to your own prjects. With better and increased focus.

Get focused now and register at 4eLife Publications and publish your latest news and articles. You can get started by clicking this Submit Your Articles For Free link becoming a 4elife registered author.



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The world has transformed over the past decade, what with the introduction of the latest technologies such as tablets and Smartphones. What is impressive to see is the rise of social networking sites, which serve as a platform for people to come together and interact with each other. Numerous networking websites have surfaced over the year, but only few have remained and become well known by the masses.

4eLife is not just a networking platform, rather it is an online community, where people with different interest can come and interact with one another, share different business ideas, and enjoy their time having rewarding discussions. If you or anyone you know has a business idea, which they would like to discuss with prospective partners, or if you want to receive advice regarding the best way to start a business, then the 4eLife community is just the right place for you. Not only, will you come across some of the most knowledgeable people in a variaty of industries, but you can also help others in your community start their own business.

So, how can you benefit from becoming a member of this growing community platform? Here are a few simple tips that can help you.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

At 4eLife, we encourage people to bring their thoughts forward. Never be afraid of doing something that is unique and different from the status quo. You can be sure to have a good time discussing and learning new things. Coming across people from different industries, experiences, and backgrounds, you can be informed about the latest trends of the market. Networking can help you go a long way, no matter in which industry you may be, or what kind of business you might have.


While having a good business idea is always beneficial, it helps to have a strategy at hand. Before you go on to launch a business, it always helps to seek the expertise of veterans from the field. Find people who can give you sound advice regarding the initiative you are about to take. Then before you take a decision, always make sure that you have done your research. Having market knowledge is the key in making your business successful, so be sure to get your facts right before taking action on any decision.

Believe in Your Idea

When it comes to developing a business from scratch, you may face many uncertain circumstances and unseen hurdles. Never lose heart. Always believe in yourself and your idea. Remember what we have mentioned before, keep a close eye on the market and notice the trends. Adapt to changing situations, otherwise, keeping up with competition will become difficult.

So, now that you have read some tips to help you in starting your own business, once you have developed a good idea, there is something that you should do. That is to register at The 4eLife Social Community and create your own network of people and business people who can guide and support you whenever needed. When you become a part of this community, you become a part of our online family, and here, we support everyone.


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Remember the Magic 8-Ball? It was a toy that was around when I was a kid -- maybe still is -- and you would ask it a question and shake it up, and it would give you helpful answers such as:

Go for it!

Don't do it!

You what?!

You're kidding, right?


Well, maybe I don't remember the answers exactly. Anyway, it always seemed to me that if you had to shake up a Magic 8-Ball to get an answer, you were pretty squarely in the undecided category to begin with, and you might as well do what it said.

Now, I talk to a lot of writers who are overwhelmed at the prospect of a website, and it's too bad, because they have valuable things to say that aren't getting the currency they deserve. So in the spirit of the Magic 8-Ball, I offer the following types of websites to meet the goals of different writers.

  1. You Want to Promote Your Novels

You've already published a work of fiction, whether it's self-published, small press, or big publisher, and you want to give it more traction. Start a blog and review books in your genre. Post at least several times a week, preferably every day. Run your own reviews, but mix in links to other people's reviews where your  can have an affiliate link to your favorite online bookseller for extra income -- if someone buys through that link, you get a commission.

  1. You Want to Promote Your Nonfiction

You write materials that help people solve their problems and get through life more successfully. You're published on paper, print-on-demand, ebooks, audio, video, or all of the above. You have the chance to make serious money with your website.

Create a website dealing with the problem you solve. Optimize it to get search engine traffic. Create sales pages for your products and promote them by writing short articles giving good information about your topic and distribute them to the article directories.

  1. Promote a Cause

Your book is all about changing the world. Create a blog with articles and news relating to that problem. Let's say your passion is finding a cure for Parkinson's disease. Post news items relating to Parkinson's research, along with information to help Parkinson's sufferers and their families, and have a prominent link to your favorite Parkinson's-related charity so that your readers can easily donate to the cause.

  1. Write for Fun and Income

Find a hot topic and blog about it. It might be celebrities, some specific health concern, making money, relationships, gadgets. Google Trends can be a source of inspiration for this. Post snippets of news and opinion relating to your topic, along with your own unique take, and get some contextual ads on your site.

  1. Support Your Writing Habit

A lot of people make a good living doing affiliate marketing, which is commission sales online. You promote someone else's product and get a commission. If it's an ebook, for example, you might get 50-100 percent of the purchase price for selling it. Build a website with links to the product author's sales page, and you write articles relating to the product and post them to article directories, bringing traffic and links to your site

If you haven't started your website yet, you are already missing out on great opportunities to build your author's platform and promote your work. Your writer's website is your doorway into a world where your skills are desperately needed and -- if you meet people's needs -- richly rewarded.

If the whole thing seems new and intimidating, just get a blog started and start writing. It will be easier than you think. There is information readily available to learn what you don't know, and people readily available to help or do it for you. If you don't start, you leave the global marketplace lacking your unique contribution.

And of course dont forget to register at 4eLife Publications and publish your articles and news. You can get started by clicking this Submit Your Articles For Free linkd becoming a 4elife registered author.

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